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Loss, close and far

Between the ages of 14 and 33, every single year at least one person close/connected to me died. That’s not entirely unusual in most of the world, but for an American from a small, nuclear, insular family of birth it is a little bit rare. At 24 or 25 I listed people fallen off the mortal coil. I sometimes wonder… Read more →

This used to be my birthday

It’s one thing to change your legal name. It depends on what state you’re in, but usually that’s easy. I have considered changing my middle name – and that is just a matter of paperwork and money. Legally changing a birthday, however, just isn’t going to happen no matter what religious grounds I might pose. Honestly, if I were the… Read more →

Said how I really feel, and shit fit in 3…2…1…

Yesterday’s post, a much needed vent, prompted one person to call me a bitch and a few other names. This person went on to suggest I should be barred from the San Francisco Bay Pagan community because I was “judgmental” about the people of the area. She was summarily blocked and is no longer welcome on any of my platforms… Read more →

No, I’m not loving it and I probably won’t

The adjustment to the Bay area has been rocky. I miss my friends. I miss being able to travel seven miles in less than half an hour. What I miss most are the familiar rhythms of regular events, the familiar methods of clear communication (when, where, how, cost, parking and transit solutions), and if not common knowledge than a common… Read more →