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December Playlist – mainly for @jillthd

So awhile ago the lovely jillthd mentioned an interest in people’s playlists. I remember when posting those were popular, along with postings that consisted only of lyrics. I’m pretty sure the RIAA had the most to do with the latter, or perhaps divisive politics just take up the store of attention that once went to music. To satisfy her curiosity… Read more →

Loss, close and far

Between the ages of 14 and 33, every single year at least one person close/connected to me died. That’s not entirely unusual in most of the world, but for an American from a small, nuclear, insular family of birth it is a little bit rare. At 24 or 25 I listed people fallen off the mortal coil. I sometimes wonder… Read more →

This used to be my birthday

It’s one thing to change your legal name. It depends on what state you’re in, but usually that’s easy. I have considered changing my middle name – and that is just a matter of paperwork and money. Legally changing a birthday, however, just isn’t going to happen no matter what religious grounds I might pose. Honestly, if I were the… Read more →

Said how I really feel, and shit fit in 3…2…1…

Yesterday’s post, a much needed vent, prompted one person to call me a bitch and a few other names. This person went on to suggest I should be barred from the San Francisco Bay Pagan community because I was “judgmental” about the people of the area. She was summarily blocked and is no longer welcome on any of my platforms… Read more →